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There are currently three type of FARH Version been made which are V1 Static , V2 Mobilization and V3 Portable . Each one has its own unique advantages not only in blending with the surrounding but also the consumption of power to operate them .

  • FARH V1
  • FARH v2
  • FARH v3
  • Dedicated Server
  • Forex VPS
  • Windows VPS
  • Linux OpenVZ VPS
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Various Features And Solutions Implemented In Our Product

Regarding security systems and information technologies, FARH is in continuous collaboration with world leading software and hardware manufacturers. To maximize economic efficiency, reliability, serviceability, and upgradability of security systems, we integrate into our software products the latest developments in computer vision and video analytics, Iot cameras and edge computing, artificial intelligence and neural network acceleration, smart codecs and data storage.

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Statistics are only made available when a user chooses the “Quality Improvement Program/Send anonymous performance and usage statistics” option in the IP Video System Design Tool installer or selects the “Quality Improvement Program” option in the program preferences.

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Site setup
We provide set up starting from zero to complete in design , planning , install , testing , and commissioning , and hand over with the documentation.
Enterprise Level solutions

We have solutions for Enterprise and Corporate needs. We provide larger and longer storage for corporates who retain the high-resolution CCTV footages and images for future references. We also provide special equipment such as ex-proof devices.

Customization enquiry

IP CCTV can be customized to integrate with the different types of solution , like door access integration and other special functions to cater to different needs.

Working hours Support

We will provide support intel if any misfunction occured and gave some intel on temporarily fixing them . If the same problem still happened , we will send some technicians to fix them immediately.